Data Analytics for Ethereum Contracts

Get better insights into your customers with tailored analytics for your contracts on the Ethereum blockchain

Easy to use.

We maintain your data pipeline and make it easy to generate custom graphs, monitor usage, and generate alerts, so you can spend your time making great products.

Simple Pricing

Simple pricing you and your team can afford.


$49 Monthly
  • Track 5 different contracts
  • Standard Analytics Tracking (Active Users/Retention Rates)
  • Basic pricing data for gas spent, pricer per token, transaction volume
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$249 Monthly
  • Track 20 different contarcts
  • Recommended visualizations based on contract-specific activity
  • Custom data import/export and visualization
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  • Unlimited contract tracking
  • Read-level SQL access with custom query and graph generation
  • Roll-up monitoring and email alerting
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Built With Launchaco
Built With Launchaco